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photobook exterior - Lisa Stock - Business card - fake brown leather snake scale album

So, I read a post on the Amnesia Rockfest facebook page, where someone (after two months) finally had to remove their bracelet of the event.

It reminded me about a tradition I do at every big even or festival: Keeping the bracelets at least a week after the event ended.

and, of course,

I have collected them throughout the years!

At first, I thought I would also post the Rockfest passes...

but, as I was going through this brown book - I use it until I find the ultimate place to put my pass collection -, I figured, why not show the whole thing!?

So, here it is!!



photo album - brown leather snake scales - sd card - laptop computer

photo album - brown leather snake scales - sd card - laptop computer
old pictures of me - photograph of friends - Kamikazi Hey Sugar TNS first bands I shot

Simple Plan guest pass - Heavy MTL 2012 ticket - Kimbra @ Théâtre Corona - Montréal

Selling my Corvette at an antique's auto show - Granby International Voitures Anciennes - 2009 - Airbrush Course Faux-Finis

imob.venezia (venise boat ticket) - and train ticket from Götzis to Dornbirn Austria

marie-mai @ bell center pass 2011 - supernova band on the run - Ottawa Folk Festival Pass - Envol et Macadam

Adult Crab ? BC Ferries ticket - London Underground ticket - Mohren beer coaster

Avril Lavigne @ bell center - Black Star Tour 2011 - Rockfest 2011 bracelet

erotik messe tour 2012 Germany

mass murder messiah - Photo made by me - Flyer

Took the picture, Cryptopsy Flyer - Evenko bracelets

Un Pesos - Veinte Pesos

self-portrait Flyer with golden heavy mtl bracelet

billy talent signature

billy talent signature on cut out magazine

kimbra 2012 - bad religion 2010 - primus 2011 - rockfest all access 2013

world press photo 2010 - uproar festival @ parc jean-drapeau Montréal 2011 - Live Nation VIP Washington DC

nickelback VIP - jam industries media evenko photog - heavy mtl bracelet and rockfest passeport 2011

Metallica @ Centre Bell ticket - rockfest all access bracelet - digimon card - yugioh card

uproar photo pass - east scene - as I lay dying media pass - drum fest 2012 - rise against photo pass montreal

marie-mai version 3.0 photo pass - social distortion photo pass - woodstock en beauce bracelet - fête nationale du québec 2005 arrière scène

evanescence photo pass - nickelback photo pass

old business cards - Golden Photography - Lisa Stock - pennywise photo pass

Black Label Society photo pass BLS

motley crue the dead of winter tour 2010 @ bell center - slipknot guest pass 2005 - Nickelback dark horse tour 2010 Montreal

beatles coffee shop London

alexisonfire metropolis montreal - woodstock en beauce 2009 ticket - old photo of me as a kid with a friend

riot fest toronto 2013 ticket - Helmet photo pass - Broken Social Scene pass

Ottawa folk festival - drawing and letter from a friend

billy talent press pass - Riot Fest Artist bracelet and all access

here and now nickelback signed cd

linkin park with thirty seconds to mars carnivores tour 2014 @ park jean-drapeau montreal - Le salon de la passion médiévale et historique - Three Days Grace ticket Metropolis

Esthétique Spa international Lisa Stock

rockfest list flyers

ac dc @ stade olympique 2015

coupe rogers 2016

Rockfest 2017, my favorite bracelet!


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