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An old biography from darker times

This is simply how I'd describe my artistic life until 2013 (the date it was written)

Born April 90 in Montreal, Québec

Being half Canadian, half Austrian, I traveled a lot as a kid. Moving from one place to another and visiting the other side of the family in Europe gave me a thirst for adventure and learning from all kinds of lifestyles.

I started my creative, and often solitary path by drawing dinosaures, singing along to every song on the radio, writing my own little stories and comic books. Being part of a "not so fortunate" family, school was never a big deal and spent my summer vacations by working in fields, how I purchased my first digital camera, electric guitar, and 1st generation ipod nano. Although I had o.k. grades, I spent most of my school years polluting all my books with drawings (even later in College). I was never very popular, but I hung out with... Pretty much everybody, cool kids, geeks, stoners, chicks, teachers, old, young.. Everyone.

Fourth year of high-school, we had to interview someone with our desired profession. Not only the Photographer I interviewed, but every person I looked up to told me that there’s no future as an artist. So I believed them. That year, I also gave my first stage performance by singing in a show organized by our school (who is known for giving pretty big concerts).

I then started my career with Modeling in 2007, at 17 years old. With my little Olympus, I took my first self-portraits, in my room, using an amp as tripod, a nice red sheet as background, and desk lamps for lights. My first payed gig as a model, a few months later, was at 18. And it was... Nude.

I drove to downtown Montreal for the first time on my own. It was a little freaky, but I did it. I made sure it was nothing sexual, or erotic. I was simply, naked. I was payed for the shots, and, it forced me to be comfortable in front of the camera. Although it slowed me down as a model, it opened me to photography all over again. I was working full time in a pharmacy, and had just made a loan for airbrushing classes when an old man came to me and said : «Do what you want with your life, go back to school and study it. Don’t waste your time here.»

I then went to a local Photography store (where I worked about a year later), and bought my first DSLR who was my companion through all these years, the Nikon D80. I also applied at the «College Marsan» and in the meantime started approaching girls that would come at my work for photoshoots. I would do that everywhere, the street, cinemas, shopping malls (...) my guy friends couldn’t believe it. Also working occasionally with other Photographers (as a model), where I would learn their techniques and studio equipment. I would ask questions, and they would let me try and give very good explanations. Very soon after, my first contracts, (a friend comedian, a little modeling agency, a wedding, and the contest; Miss Canada) began...

I then studied photography in 2009 to learn how to live from my art. Having more than two years of experience in that field... It was a terrible idea. I had an apartment, and bought a "78 Corvette before deciding to study again. And this time, in a private photography school... The only awesome thing I got from this experience, are the people I met along the way. Who frequently give me contracts, either for bands, for their logos, for modeling, even to design their tattoos. During school, I worked at multiple photography companies, including Foto Plus (where I bought the D80). One day, at that job, my uncle Redge called me and said: «Lisa! The photographer for Drum Fest called in sick, can you do it?» At first I thought, I love music so much, I can’t enjoy it if I'm working..? IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. I’m never going back, this is what I was meant to do, I felt it. I have all the necessary contacts on top of it, thanks to my uncle, and now myself. In the CONCERT PHOTOGRAPHY page, the first image is from that Drum Fest in 2009, my first real, and payed concert, it will remain in my portfolio forever...

Since then, I’ve worked with multiple professional models and fellow photographers. Many of our favorite international Artists, Musicians, Comedians... Was published in many magazines such as the Modern Drummer, which is the biggest Drum magazine in the World (for my first concert photography, Drum Fest 2009) (more in CV)

Self-employed since 2011. As difficult, or even impossible as it seems, my Art is my job. I’m still modeling, but mostly living out of Photography contracts. That first year was a dark period. Although I was a relatively happy kid, the many moves and problems at home got to me as a teenager, and for a long time, kept a strong grasp. So much, that my suicidal fantasies were still stronger than my own voice. Until.. Well, almost one year ago to the day (as I’m writing this: 8 Aug 2013) so in 2012; the road trip to British Columbia, encouraged me to do a lot of reflection, especially after watching «the Secret». Might sound funny, but that summer, I traveled across Canada and visited some of the Biggest places in Europe. Last winter, Mexico... Anyway, what I mean to say is that, for many years, I thought happiness did not exist. How I got out of that was probably a mix of being sick of it and wanting to survive. So might as well do it right.

I did not chose the easiest path, and started off only with my imagination. But, I have a fantastic apartment to work in, met the most interesting and gifted people, finally upgraded my equipment to Pro, shot almost every band on my iphone, and making quite a name out of my creations. Planning to tour the world, currently learning Japanese, German, and Spanish. Started making videos, working on a story I started writing in 2010 and evolved like crazy. BREF. I finally know that happiness IS possible. It’s only up to you.

« A Master does not talk about it, because he is Doing it. » L.S.

I am not calling myself a master, maybe more an Apprentice.

I wrote this because it applies to my current situation. For those wanting more, the wait will be worth while.

And there y’a have it,

Lisa x


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