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Made for bringing your dreams to life

My semi-abstract fantasy artworks are handmade with love in a small town in Québec. They are meant to awaken the senses through visualization with the help of our imagination. The mission is to create works of art that assist the holder to manifest their dreams, or to offer a reminder of what they treasure most.

Scene 1 copy 2.jpg

Ode to Music - Original

My first creation using mixed media

Ode to Music was created spontaneously while experimenting with gold leaf and collage.

This large painting depicts a left-handed woman guitarist, translating her passion through music. The pages attached to this recycled canvas are official guitar scores, and I have written a message about my appreciation and connection with music all along the body of the figure. Although created intuitively, the model used to help with sketch and proportions is actually inspired by one of my self-portraits. She is truly one-of-a-kind!

Paintings Gallery

Here are only a few of my love-filled paintings. Click on the More Artworks button to see which originals are still available, or visit my Etsy store for prints