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Made for bringing your dreams to life

My semi-abstract fantasy artworks are handmade with love in a small town in Québec. They are meant to awaken the senses through visualization with the help of our imagination. The mission is to create works of art that assist the holder to manifest their dreams, or to offer a reminder of what they treasure most.

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Galactic Lovers - Original

This therapeutic piece features the sacred feminine and divine masculine floating through space -or even another dimension- to show how the power of friendship and love can transcend time and space.

I added some beautiful clear quartz crystals to this lovely painting to help cleanse the chakras, protect against negative energies, and connect with higher levels of consciousness. They are transformational crystals that can help us reconnect with our true selves and overcome limitations by clearing out fears and doubts.

It truly enlivens the atmosphere of a home, I felt it as soon as I put it up in my main living area!

Galactic Lovers is a 22.5x55.5 inch painting created on a recycled canvas that is still available if you want it in your home :) Don't hesitate to contact me!

Paintings Gallery

Welcome to my creations! 
Here are all the original paintings that I have created over the past few years. For those who are still available, you can contact me through my social media or e-mail, and it will be my pleasure to help you acquire your own unique piece :D I also make custom work if you want me to create with YOUR soul's energy. If you prefer a print, don't hesitate to visit my Etsy store 

Who creates the magic?

Well, technically you do! But when if comes to the actual artworks, I have been making all kinds of visual art since as long as I can remember...


I'm Lisa Stock, a multidisciplinary artist who helps people from around the world to create the life of their dreams, beginning with their everyday surroundings.

Lisa Artist Smiling with Inner Goddess original painting behind her in woods

Zephyra Handmade Jewelry

More to come 

Made with love ♥

Keisha, MI

This is so beautiful 😍 I love the lotus and the pink and purple colors. Its so hard to find art work that feels like me and my husband lol especially because we are both mixed race people. So art with no face or race is perfect! just two beings in a vibration of Love. 💜 can't wait to find a frame for it, great quality 👌 beautifully made. 💯% love it.


The gift of art...

Can be used on ANY item or service!

Now available ♥

Proud partners

Where to find my some of my art in person!

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