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I am pregnant with my Twin Flame

The video is only in french, but I have translated here :D

Hello everyone!

It's L here, always in my comfy hooded cotton because, well, confinement calls for comfort, right? I'm thrilled to share some amazing news – I'm pregnant with my twin flame!

I’m 10 weeks along and, so far, my symptoms have been minimal. Although, I did have a scary moment this morning where I almost fainted. Luckily, I found out it’s normal. I'm staying healthy, drinking lots of water, eating well, taking my vitamins, and doing light workouts. No weight gain or nausea yet!

The most thrilling part of this journey is that I’m sharing it with my twin flame. I always wanted kids but was waiting for the right person – and now, I have them! We’re over the moon and I hope everyone finds this kind of happiness.

Over the years, I’ve developed a knack for knowing when people are right for each other. I’ve even predicted future partners for my exes! I've always trusted my intuition, even if it took years to act on it. Being alone taught me the value of self-love and the importance of not settling. If you're not in the relationship you desire, don't be afraid to move on.

Now, I’m excited to focus on my channel, helping others love themselves and attract the life they want. Stay tuned for more updates!

Catch you soon!


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