Axys - An Introduction

Premier Roman d'une Trilogie Fantastique - Couverture de Livre - Axys: La Fin de L'Illusion

Mayka carries the DNA of an advanced civilization from a parallel dimension. This genetic conflict has formed an internal portal that remained dormant until now... This vortex or portal allows her to travel space and time, mainly to planet Zephyr, where her biological mother came from.

The first book guides us through the process of learning and adapting to the abilities that she gradually uncovers. Mayka will use her strengths to awaken her own planet -Earth- to the power that lies within us and to which we are all connected.


Axys, the Trilogy aims to transform the Earth into a kind of utopia or earthly paradise, with highly conscious human beings for whom love is the greatest power.


There is magic, action, eroticism ... going through all the other styles in a unique and fantastic result.


An ability to read between the lines (to not take each expression literally) and an open mind is required to understand all the senses and the universal lessons that are presented in these books.


* Illustrations will be drawn and integrated by the author to facilitate the reader's understanding towards spiritual matters, metaphysical atmospheres, and quantum mechanics.


The Chronology



  1.  The End of Illusion

  2. (R)Evolution, planned

  3. Unity (temporary title)

The Creation of Lexie

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