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SuperMoon - Total Eclipse

super moon photo - 2014

I had heard it was coming, but when was it exactly?

Thanks to my the new ios on my iPhone, sliding my finger towards the right gave me interesting topics to read, including the first one: Total Luna Eclipse, September 27 begining at 20hrs.


At eight on the dot I was outside in the already cooling down temperature of Québec, looking up at the night sky and thinking: nothing is going on. Maybe it's not today, this hours, of maybe I won't even see it from where I am.

Around 9;30 pm, a beloved friend of mine texts me: don't forget to look out! It's the lunar eclipse!

I was working on a digital drawing on my computer and didn't relly want to let it go. But still, I prepared my camera, rolled a joint and even though everyone at home was sleeping, made almost on purpose noise to wake them up and whitness the event with me.

Must have not been noisy enough because they kept sleeping like rocks. All the more reason to do as I pleased and run inside and out while my Nikon was making time-lapse photos. The time lapse didn't turn out as I would have liked... and while it was going on, I could see (very lightly) the moon creasing until it dissapeared. Maybe an hour in, it became red as blood, only the outside circle was sunshine yellow. Such beautiful contrast. The Time-lapasing stoped minutes after the eclipse was full. Giving me just enough time to pick up the camera and photograph single pictures of the wonder that nature had given us that night before the cloud came to cover the sky. Also, since the moon was so dark, the stars seemed soooo much brighter than usual.

Really, it was a night I will never forget.

For those who missed it, you might see it in another 18 years or so!

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