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Inspiring paintings that capture the imagination

I have a variety of unique and spiritually inspired artworks. You can visit the complete collection in my online store!



Music, Artworks, Self-Portraits...

Everything I make is also available in print, ready to frame! If what you want is not available in my shop, don't hesitate to contact me.

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Large photo artworks!

Why limit your photos to digital files?

I am here to help you create beautiful wall art of your loved ones with high-quality, archival prints and framing!

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Twitch / YouTube / Instagram 

On occasion, I set up my studio or random area and Livestream whatever I'm working on. I also make all kinds of different content with subjects that are part of my everyday life.



Behind the lens:

As Simple as ART.


Austrian/Canadian, I began a career in Modeling before taking the helm as a Professional Photographer in 2009.

Drawing, writing, singing, painting and taking pictures are what describe best my creative childhood. These mediums still follow me today and I have added a few things to that list.

I studied at the international school of photography Marsan in Montreal and was featured in Modern Drummer Magazine, Elle Magazine, and more (check out my Curriculum Vitae)

Specializing in concert and portrait photography, I also create original esoteric paintings and different kinds of artworks (see the Boutique).