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Lisa Stock with two of her spiritual lovers paintings


Behind the lens:

As Simple as ART.


Austrian/Canadian, I began a career in Modeling before taking the helm as a Professional Photographer in 2009.

Creator since forever, I drew thousands of drawings and wrote hundreds of songs for me to sing and play during my childhood. I studied at the International School of photography Marsan in Montreal and shoot over 200 concerts around North America. Some of my photographs were featured in Modern Drummer Magazine, Elle Magazine, and more!

I now paint unique Soul Paintings, meant to soothe or elevate the energy of a room. 

Meditation and self-development books saved my life as a young adult, and I've acquired a deep love and passion for these subjects. I am now a practitioner of Reiki and a Sound healer, which I practice regularly at spas and other events.

You can find everything I do on my self-made website (this one)!

From Custom Paintings to Event Photography, enjoy your time in a piece of my world!


Lisa Energetic Musician.remini-enhanced.jpg
Black and white Photograph by Lisa Stock


- L

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