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Twin Flames

Twin Flames


About the Art

This unique and semi-abstract spiritual painting represents a couple featured in an amazing journey of self-mastery. Growing their love in an unending circle of sacrifice to find their way back to one another, in which they succeed. Even when apart in the physical realm, their souls remain joined in union.


The divine feminine and sacred masculine characters were inspired by my upcoming fantasy trilogy about consciousness, awakening and enlightenment, called Axys. The main character, Mayka's blue side shows the Moon - the coldness of Earth (where she is from), while the second lead and love interest, Snow's side is the Sun and emanates the light and abundance of his World; Zéphyr. Bright and strong, the left side of the artwork casts its positive energy and warmth to its counterpart, forming a "Yin-Yang" shaped cyclone of purifying energy.

Twin Flames is the painting that started it all. 


The one I created with the intention of attracting my own twin flame relationship, the man of my dreams, the one.


After years of working on myself and looking for the one I would want to spend my life with, I finally decided to act on this amazing advice in The Secret: surround yourself with images of the kind of relationship you want.


Once this painting had formed in front of me with the help of my hands and imagination, I had a better idea of the energy I was searching for. After that, it only took a couple of months before my twin flame finally appeared in my life.

Since then, I have decided to help other people manifest the love that they are looking for with vibrant yet not too specific artworks. We know what we want, but it’s difficult to visualize perfectly every detail. So the best thing to do is to visualize as best as we can the energy of that significant other ✨



Details of the original painting (still available on request)

* Name: Twin Flames

* Painter: Lisa Stock

* Size: 30" x 30" (75 x 75 cm)

* Original handmade acrylic painting on canvas, glows in the dark and has sparkles

* Shipping "ready to hang" (stretched)

* Style: Modern, Abstract

* Certificate of Authenticity attached

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