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Spiritual Choice + Baby-Light

Spiritual Choice + Baby-Light


Please contact me if interested in the original painting as it is still available!


*Only the square painting (Choice) is available for prints, but the Original art comes with both as a duo.


Art Story

With the delicate subject of abortion. The recent events called me to bring a spiritual view of the conflict through my creations. Showing that whatever decision is taken, the unborn fetus will always remain as a light, as a soul. It is yet another angel sent to its mother, whether it is in physical form or on the spiritual plane.

It can represent different kinds of loss or decisions as well, whatever is calling to you in your specific situation.

A Goddess has the right to choose for the wellbeing of herself or her unborn child. This is our divine gift: choice. 

Details of the original paintings (still available upon request)
* Name: Spiritual Choice
* Painter: Lisa Stock
* Size: 20" x 20" and 8" x 10"
* Original handmade acrylic painting on recycled canvas
* Both Glow in the Dark
* Glossy Varnish
* Shipping "ready to hang"
* Style: Modern, Abstract
* Certification of Authenticity attached

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