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Custom Creations

Have a refreshing source of positive energy made just for you!   

Self-portrait of Lisa Stock with beautiful couple painting

Personalized artworks

  • Based on my current "semi-abstract" style, I guide you through your special order to make sure you are satisfied with the end result. The finished creation is then delivered and installed (according to the agreement) at its new owner's place.

  • You can either have an intention (like attracting true love), without a defined result in mind, where I will channel the artwork in connection to you and the energy that is needed for your specific desire. I can also recreate an image that you love, in my style and with your unique flare.

  • The blank canvas that is mounted on the frame is made of either linen or 100% cotton. Canvas stretched and mounted on a 1 1/2 in profile wood base. It is possible to make your custom order with other dimensions (small and/or large format, triptych, series of paintings, octagon, isosceles triangle, etc.)

  • Special orders with your choice of colours and mediums on canvas: gemstones, gold, gel medium, structural mortar, ink, gold leaf, or phosphorescent paint ( glows in the dark).

  • For the final coat, the finishing varnish is either a glossy liquid varnish, satin or matte finish.




  • My original paintings are around 2$ / square inch. for 2024

  • To see the actual prices for my current works, please refer to the Original Artworks page.

  • Note that the price for a special order may vary depending on the size of the canvas, the subject(s), the mediums selected, the number of hours of work, etc. For a quote, please write me a message:


Personalized gemstone jewelry

  • Custom healing crystal and gemstone bracelets, anklets and necklaces designed and created for your own unique needs and intentions.

  • Each piece of custom crystal jewellery is high quality, one of a kind, made to order and personalized with crystals and gemstones to help you on your journey. We will begin with a consultation to discuss your or your recipient's needs or intentions, or you may request specific crystals.

  • I will recommend a selection of crystals and gemstones that have the properties and healing energies you are looking for. For example your intention might be protection, healing, abundance, confidence, love or fertility. You may need jewelry created with stones that align with your zodiac sign, or stones to heal a particular chakra. You may already have a vision of the bracelet to bring to life.

  • My custom designed bracelets are handmade to order from genuine crystals, gemstones and wood beads. Strung on high quality jewelry stretch cord or durable and adjustable waxed cotton or hemp cord. You can also add stainless or gold-filled spacers, or further personalize your bracelet with charms.

Zephyra gemstone waterproof hi quality jewelry

Specific products

  • Anklets are made with waxed cotton or hemp cord to tie on.

  • Wish bracelets are made with adjustable black waxed cotton or white hemp cord.

  • Necklaces are created fully beaded on elastic to pass over the head or with a more durable cotton cord with adjustable knots.


Your three options:

  1. Create by intention - Let me know your intentions or healing needs and I will advise and offer you a selection of crystals and gemstones suited your intentions. Select the ones you would like and I’ll begin creating your designs.

  2. Create with specific crystals - Please message me prior to ordering to ensure I have what you are looking for

  3. Intuitive creation - Have me select and design a crystal bracelet intuitively for you or your loved one


Each creation is mindfully designed, handmade with care, love and intention, and energetically cleansed, ready to be gifted.



  • Measure your wrist below your wrist bone with a tape measure (or a piece of string or paper measured against a ruler). Add .5 inches for a snug but comfortable fit. Add 1 inch for a looser fit wth more movement.

Crystals can help naturally alleviate stress and anxiety, promote peace and calm, invite love, luck and abundance, repel negative energy, protect from EMFs and so much more. Essential oil diffuser jewellery created with lava stone or unpolished wood, provides an easy way to gently diffuse your essential oils and enhance your wellbeing through aromatherapy.



Your custom jewellery will be cleansed with your choice of Sage, Palo Santo or Selenite and beautifully wrapped for your enjoyment or gifting. It will be accompanied by an information sheet describing the metaphysical properties of your chosen stones and a polishing cloth. I am happy to ship your gift directly to your loved one with your personalized gift message enclosed.

Lisa Stock from Zephyra.ART with paintbrush in front of large blue painting in woods




  • Consult the Aromatherapy Gemstone Bracelets Collection to see what type of jewelry I have created until now. Each creation is unique, so the price is tailor-made according to the number of hours worked as well as the material used.

  • Each original work is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity which attests to the proof of purchase, as well as the acquisition of the owner. For more details, see the Policies and Refunds page.

  • I can also repair bracelets that have loose or broken elastics. I can either replace it with a new high-quality stretch cord or recreate it using a durable and adjustable waxed cotton or hemp cord to make it last for years to come.

Do you want personalized work?
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